Has anyone told Dave yet?

Found poem constructed entirely of mashed up Guardian comments on this article. Punctuation marks are my own.

Rumor has it that it was written by his wife.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.


To think the queen was sucking up –

just another wanna be dictator.


Dictators are such sensitive souls. Stalin

for example collected jokes about himself.


In the end he had three gulags full of them.

As for the others, well they’re also just animals


aren’t they? Fat toads. Snouts in the trough.

Clannish and tribalist, they live for their mothers.


Assad, Putin, Xi, Erdogan. It looks as if Snowball

might be undermining Napoleon.


Soft spoken Jeremy. Short-arsed asshole

isn’t fit to lead an Easter Egg hunt.


6 million arrests in the span of a week. Where

would you stack all the bodies. They make good


dog fodder. Oh wait, you could just build a few more

islands in the South China Sea out of corpses.


Try Mr. Whymper for size, he’s a solicitor.

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