Fear in a Handful of Salt

If you taste pepper flakes or chilli, you will be angry.

Tears in sofa cushions. Shut doors and silence.

He will handpick your flaws and grind them.


If you taste jaggery, you will be sweet.

You will make him breakfast and buy him roses;

you will be kissed and loved and lusted for.


If you taste neem,  you will be bitter.

You will not make a child. He will not treat you fairly.

He will cheat you and you will be tested.


If you taste tamarind, you will be disgusted.

He will shame you in front of your mother

and you will shame yourself.


If you taste mango, raw, you will be surprised.

Your body will change and your mind. You will begin.

You will end. He will crush and care and crush again.


If you taste salt, you will be afraid.

Not knowing what you will or will not be.

He, not knowing either.

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